ApeFood is a deflationary collection of bananas that live on the Solana blockchain. Each banana has been created from a myriad of traits and styles that make each one unique. After the initial public mint, the composter will begin picking up and burning ApeFood on the open market. Be sure to pick up yours and HODL to your hearts desire! To learn more about our tokenomics check out our docs and take a peek at our discord, we promise it's a good time.


The Tribes


The ripe bananas can be found resting out in the beautiful sunlight on the western beach. Due to their prime location, they have received proper amounts of sunlight, heat, and moisture, and are completely prepared for their harvest. These bananas spend their days dancing jubilantly in the sunlight and waiting for the proper monkey to take them home so they can fulfill their true destiny. Rumors of monkeys nearby in the oasis have been growing and it is said that they are beginning to scour nearby areas as their search to satisfy their growling hunger reaches desperate measures. As they edge closer to the waterside, the ripe bananas are dazzling on the palm trees, anxiously standing by to be devoured at first sniff.

Apes Need To Eat

The ApeFood DAO will decide how much of our mint proceeds will go to the Center For Great Apes!

We know the apes that live on the blockchain are hungry, and that's part of the reason for ApeFood, but A HUGE reason that we started this project is so that we can help apes in real life. That's why we have partnered with the Center For Great Apes to help feed more apes in the physical world. To learn more about their organization, you can read their newsletter, or visit their website. We've added pics of some of some of our teams favorites of the apes they care for. Be sure to check out our roadmap for details on how we are going to be supporting their cause.

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Total Supply: 669
Price: 0.33 SOL

Our Team

we can't wait to feed apes with you 🤍

waterboy & part time dev
the guy that made the bananas
dude with the tweets & the giveaway guru
our resident discord & tiktok lord